Alzheimers Donations

  Dear friend, What do you most desire in your life? Some value money and possessions; others chase career success and recognition; many just want security and happiness for their family.
But can you imagine simply wishing your most cherished memories would return? Do you know what it would be like to live with constant fear and paranoia? How would you feel if you struggled to read, to move your legs, to speak?
Alzheimer’s Disease creates a black hole in people’s lives that is so much more than a loss of memory. It is not a normal ageing process and it is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. Everyone with a brain is at risk of Alzheimer’s. In fact, 5 million Americans are living with it – every 67 seconds someone develops the disease. However, this national epidemic is under-funded and under-supported. While the number of deaths caused by other major diseases is decreasing, the number of deaths caused by Alzheimer’s is on the rise and the country simply doesn’t have the resources to cope with it. Did you know, for instance, that in 2013 caregivers provided an estimated 17.7 billion hours of unpaid care, valued at more than $220 billion?

These caregivers are providing incredible support to those who live with Alzheimer’s, helping them to maintain their pride and dignity every day and reminding them that they are special and loved. But with the number of people suffering with this disease set to double every 20 years, it is unavoidable that a solution to this problem is so desperately needed.
At Magnussen Toyota of Palo Alto, we have always been an avid supporter of the local community and other good causes. But we feel this cause in particular is of the greatest importance, as it impacts on all of us and affects our future. While there is no cure yet, we can all make a difference to the lives of those who have to endure it by fighting for a way to stop Alzheimer's and provide the cure for a new generation.

November is Alzheimer’s Awareness month, and Magnussen Toyota is deeply committed to helping end this heart breaking disease. For every new Toyota we retail in the month of November, we will make a $100 donation to the Stanford Alzheimer’s Disease Research Foundation. This foundation undertakes vital work in researching possible cures and preventions to the disease, and when you consider that Alzheimer’s kills more than breast and prostate cancer combined, there is no room to doubt the urgency of supporting such a cause. Moreover, Toyota Corporation will be generously matching all the funds we raise, so we hope to reach our goal of donating $20,000 to this worthy charity. Please do your part, and consider making your new car purchase at Toyota of Palo Alto. Together, we can make a difference.