toyota avalon full size luxury sedan palo alto ca

Avalon vs. Taurus

2015 Toyota Avalon vs. 2015 Ford Taurus Palo Alto CA

When the 2015 Avalon first debuted, there was a definite praise found in the way the minds back at Toyota were able to deliver such a combination of performance, luxury, and efficiency for such an affordable price. To really put things into perspective, we have thrown together this 2015 Toyota Avalon vs. 2015 Ford Taurus in Palo Alto CA comparison for all to enjoy. Take notes Ford, this is how an affordable luxury sedan is done.

The Avalon features some of the key ingredients that we are all looking for in a full-size sedan. First of all, the Avalon is more fuel efficient than the Taurus. When you can get further on each tank of gas, there are just that many more opportunities for fun. The Avalon also has more room inside to accommodate you and your passengers, and isn’t that the entire point of a full-size sedan after all? You’ll also find yourself with a smaller turning circle and a lighter overall vehicle weight for a much more responsive feel behind the wheel as you drive.

Where the Avalon really gets a chance to stretch its metaphorical legs is within the cabin with all of its luxuries. Driver and passengers alike will be able to enjoy the three-zone climate control system, premium seating, power rear sunshade, and ambient lighting throughout the vehicle. Along with that, the technologies available are top of the line; the Entune App Suite brings your entertainment and information to the forefront with the touch-screen display. HD traffic predictions and a multi-information display keep you informed to what matters most while on the road.

Toyota have taken to the Avalon with a no-compromise mentality. Each and every square inch of the body, both inside and out, has been designed with the customer in mind. So what do you need to do to get behind the wheel of the 2015 Toyota Avalon today? Getting in touch with our staff here at Magnussen’s Toyota of Palo Alto in the greater Palo Alto, California is a good place to start.