Toyota Ever Better Expedition

Toyota takes to the road with the #EverBetter Expedition

Whether you have or haven’t seen the YouTube videos that are about the #EverBetter expedition, you may still be wondering what is the Toyota Ever Better Expedition campaign? In an effort to promote the versatility and durability of Toyota’s new lineup and as well as test out the claims of manufacturers and designers, Toyota is taking these vehicles on the open road for a 110-day journey across North America. This road trip is named the Ever Better Expedition. Read the rest of this entry >>

2016 Scion tC arrival date Palo Alto CA

Sports Coupe amps up the volume with tC release

2016 Scion tC release date Palo Alto San Jose CA

Sporty vehicles are so fun to drive, and why wouldn’t you want to have a vehicle that is fun to drive? In Palo Alto/San Jose it seems pointless, at least to us to get a vehicle that you don’t love to drive.

While one of our most popular and most searched-for vehicles on our website is the Toyota Prius, we wanted to give our friends at Scion a shoutout because the 2016 Scion tC release date is quickly approaching, and we will have this exciting new sports coupe in stock very soon! Read the rest of this entry >>

Toyota Mirai USA arrival date

Order a Mirai and get 3 years of fuel for free and a complimentary 8-year/100,000-mile warranty

When can I order a Toyota Mirai in San Jose Palo Alto CA

The Toyota Mirai, also known as the FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) is one of those vehicles that you know will change the landscape of the automotive industry as we know it. Not only does this vehicle NOT use fuel, but it only emits water vapor, which is something that is incredibly innovative and timely as more and more research is conducted on how to have a more efficient vehicle with a smaller carbon footprint.

Until just recently, the Mirai was only a concept vehicle that we had no idea would actually make it into production, but to our excitement interested drivers can now order the vehicle! Starting July 20, interested drivers can fill out a request and their own Mirai online at

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