Wide shot of bottom of Christmas tree with ornaments and tinsel lining it

What’s going on for Christmas in the Bay Area?

2017 Christmas Events and Productions near Palo Alto CA 

For many of us, the holiday season is a hectic time, and we often find ourselves rushing to meet deadlines, plan trips to see loved ones, and of course, buy all those presents. However, Christmas is also a joy for so many people; the feelings of love, goodwill and positivity permeate through the crisper air, and we invite you to join our team at some awesome 2017 Christmas Events and Productions near Palo Alto CA. Have fun! 

BayLUG Holiday Lego® Show 

When we were kids, playing with Legos was all the rage, and we’re delighted to learn that some things never change. Now until January 14, stop by the Museum of American Heritage right here in Palo Alto for some awesome holiday displays!

Holiday Movie Series 

Burlingame Recreation Center will be host to one of our favorite parts of the season. There’s truly nothing like watching your favorite holiday movies on the big screen, and with concessions all around, it’s sure to be fun for the whole family!

San Jose Winter Wonderland 

Whether your skill level on the ice is that of a beginner or a first liner for the Sharks, it’s always awesome to lace up with your friends and go skating. That’s exactly what Downtown San Jose will be providing all month, and plenty of displays around Paseo de San Antonio ensure that the good times will never end! 

Holiday at the Savoy 

If you’re in need of some big band revival in your life, with a bit of a Christmas twist, check out Holiday at the Savoy, happening this weekend at San Pedro Square Theatre. The choice is yours whether or not you want to break out the tap shoes and dance, but one thing is for certain; it’s an event you can’t miss!

Be sure to check back to our blog for even more great times as we venture into 2018!