Profile view of blue 2019 Toyota Prius AWD-e parked in snow

Will the 2019 Toyota Prius have All-Wheel Drive?

2019 Toyota Prius All-Wheel Drive features and operation

Ever ready and willing to innovate, the Toyota model line has put much development into ensuring that each one of its vehicles is ready to perform under any situation or condition. If you’re in the market for favorite hybrid models like the Prius, we’ve got some exciting news for you – it’s set to be more capable than ever before for the new model year. To see what we mean, come with us today and check out the 2019 Toyota Prius All-Wheel Drive features and operation!

Performance features of the 2019 Toyota Prius AWD-e system

The new 2019 model year will see the iconic Toyota Prius hybrid unveil its new AWD-e all-wheel drive technology. With an independent rear motor on-board, the 2019 Prius can send power to both your front and rear axles between 0 and 43 miles per hour, and it’s also able to detect when you’re on rough patches of pavement and adjust your drive accordingly without a center differential. This means that rain, snow and rough terrains are no match for what the Prius can offer.

2019 Toyota Prius driving on rainy road at night

Rear namebadge of 2019 Toyota Prius AWD-e

Of course, true to its legendary build quality, the 2019 Prius AWD-e (complete with a Hybrid Synergy Drive system) will still be as efficient as ever. Thanks to its aerodynamic styling, compact 1.8-liter Inline 4 engine, and intelligent new features, the 2019 Prius is estimated to achieve as high as 50 combined miles per gallon!

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Early estimates have placed the 2019 Prius model’s share of the market at 25 percent, and we’re fully expecting it to be a hot commodity once released. If you’d like more information on the model, be sure to contact Toyota Palo Alto with any questions. We’re always standing by and ready to tell you what we know!