Halloween banner with seven Jack-o-Lanterns glowing in the dark

How Can You Celebrate Halloween 2019 Near Palo Alto?

Celebrating Halloween 2019 Near Palo Alto CA

Are you trying to find a way to celebrate Halloween near Palo Alto this year? If so, then have a few excellent event options available for you to explore in the Bay Area this year! The staff here at Toyota Palo Alto loves to celebrate Halloween with their friends and family. Due to this, the staff has provided a few event recommendations for Palo Alto residents to consider exploring this year! Let’s explore these recommended events together!

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How roomy is the 2020 Toyota 4Runner?

Interior dimensions of the 2020 Toyota 4Runner 

The Toyota 4Runner is an iconic piece of machinery in so many ways, able to suit the needs of professionals and off-road adventurers alike. Its unibody styling and rugged exterior is able to release the auras of adrenaline and fun that we all need from time to time, which is why so many American drivers have made it their own.  Read the rest of this entry >>

White 2020 Toyota Corolla parked on city curb

How innovative is the new 2020 Toyota Corolla?

Interior tech features and safety innovations in the 2020 Toyota Corolla

Unparalleled street smarts, a stunning exterior design, and environmentally-friendly performance have allowed the new Toyota Corolla to become a favorite model for an all new generation of drivers. But besides the sleek appearance that the Corolla boasts, you’ll also be greeted to an interior experience that is savvier than just about any competitor in its market. Come with Toyota Palo Alto today as we show you the best interior tech features and safety innovations in the 2020 Toyota Corolla! Read the rest of this entry >>

Red 2020 Toyota Avalon driving on mountain road

How many colors are available for the 2020 Toyota Avalon?

2020 Toyota Avalon exterior paint color options 

As a model brand, Toyota has one of the most diversified portfolios on today’s automotive market – whether it’s a sedan, truck or SUV you’re after, there’s something to fit your needs with this iconic family by your side. In the sedan world, the largest, most luxurious, and strongest of the bunch is the new Avalon, which also comes to our Palo Alto lot with plenty of personality to spare. Check out the 2020 Toyota Avalon exterior paint color options with us today to see what we mean!  Read the rest of this entry >>

2020 Toyota Tundra towing trailer on dirt road with mountains in background

How powerful is the new 2020 Toyota Tundra?

Engine options and maximum performance ratings of the 2020 Toyota Tundra 

The Toyota family is known for producing class-leading models in every market segment that it enters, and that explains why in the truck world, you just can’t beat what the all-new Tundra has to offer. For the 2020 model year, Toyota’s flagship pickup has undergone some upgrades that have left it bolder, stronger and more athletic than ever before, both on the job and the road.   Read the rest of this entry >>