Toyota Camry TRD model and Honda Accord in comparison photo

What are the differences between the 2020 Toyota Camry and 2020 Honda Accord?

2020 Toyota Camry vs 2020 Honda Accord 

Japanese auto manufacturers are, naturally, all rivals with each other, and over the years these hotly contested battles have resulted in stronger, savvier, and more efficient vehicles throughout the American market. Toyota and Honda are two of the best-known competitors in today’s world, especially in the mid-size sedan landscape – today, we want to show you our 2020 Toyota Camry vs 2020 Honda Accord comparison. They’re both returning to Palo Alto, CA, very soon with everything you need to succeed! 

New performance features of the 2020 Camry and Accord sedans 

We aren’t expecting very many new changes on the 2020 Camry, seeing as how it just underwent a complete redesign for the 2018 model year. Still, what’s included is stellar, as it features an available 301-horsepower V6 engine that’s standard on its larger Avalon brother. That’s much greater strength than the Accord can manage, as it can only produce as much as 252 horsepower from its largest motor. 

White 2020 Toyota Camry TRD driving at dusk

That’s not all – the 2020 Camry is projected to offer a smooth shifting eight-speed automatic transmission that can help you achieve upwards of 41 highway miles per gallon. That’s a much better figure than its Honda counterpart, as the Accord is only able to muster 38 highway miles per gallon – across the board, the Camry is an objectively better option. 

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Interior features of the new 2020 Camry and Accord 

All the usual inclusions on today’s models will return to the new Camry and Accord sedans, such as connected infotainment, dual-zone climate control and a panoramic sunroof, just to name a few. But the Camry will have another trick up its sleeve in 2020 if you’re looking for an elevated element of sporty appeal.  

Trunk, bumper and taillights of 2020 Toyota Camry TRD

Footrest of 2020 Toyota Camry TRD

That’s thanks to its TRD trim, which will offer leatherette sport seats, embroidered headrests, and shift knobs, splash screens and more adorned with the TRD logo. Clearly, if you’re looking for a model that combines the best of the consumer and performance sedan classes, the Camry is your best (if not only) choice! 

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Get more information on the upcoming 2020 Toyota Camry in Palo Alto CA 

Seeing as we’re still a while away from the 2020 Camry’s American release, you’re more than welcome to contact Toyota Palo Alto for updates as they come. If you’re looking for a new Honda Accord in the Bay Area, we hope this discussion has swayed you differently – it’s never been a better time to jump on the Toyota bandwagon and see what the new Camry can do!