2022 Toyota Highlander outdoors

Are there any Toyota truck accessories for camping this Memorial Day weekend?

Toyota truck bed and cargo accessories for camping 

Are you going camping this weekend? Make sure you have the right gear for the best trip possible. Accessorizing your Toyota truck is a great way to prepare and enhance your trip. Below, you can see some of our favorite accessory options. You can find accessories here at Toyota Palo Alto in Palo Alto, CA. 

Toyota truck bed accessories for cargo 

One way to make your trip go smoothly is to ensure that your gear is properly stored in the truck bed. Toyota offers accessories for dividing the truck bed, extending the truck bed, and protecting the surface of the truck bed. All of these can make it easier to pack. Here are some options. 

  • A Bed Extender 
  • Bed Lighting Kit 
  • A Bed Mat 
  • A Cargo Divider 
  • A Cargo Net 
  • Mini Tie-Downs with Hooks 
  • Removable Tailgate Lock 
  • Truck Bed D-Rings 
  • Tonneau Cover 
2022 Toyota Tacoma front view
2022 Toyota Tundra in dirt

Toyota TRD accessories for camping 

Toyota TRD is all about driving off-road, which could be a good part of your camping trip. Even driving on gravel roads could be helped by some of these accessories. Here are some of the best options and why they can help. 

  • A TRD Lift Kit: Lift the front of your truck 2 inches and the rear 1 inch, providing more ground clearance for back roads. Furthermore, the kit comes with shocks optimized for a smooth ride. 
  • A TRD Air Filter and TRD Air Filter Cleaning Kit: Driving on dirt and gravel requires a heavy-duty air filter. This one is washable and reusable. 
  • A TRD Performance Exhaust System: This exhaust system is engineered to have a less restrictive path to reduce backpressure. It helps improve power output which you may need for towing and hauling. 
  • A TRD Front Skid Plate: If your camping trip includes a lot of off-road, you’ll want this skid plate. It provides maximum protection to the underside of your truck.