Best cars for traveling with dogs

Make traveling with your dog easy this National Dog Day 2015

Best cars for driving with dogs

Traveling in general can be stressful, but traveling with pets presents its own sort of challenges. Especially driving!

However, for National Dog Day 2015, we didn’t want to dwell on the frustrations of having a pet, but rather, celebrate your four-legged friends the best ways we can: talking about keeping them safe and sound in your vehicle.

Driving presents a number of hazards and reasons to be cautious, but that is even more amplified when you’re driving with animals. Not only are they just like passengers in that they require safety and security precautions, but sometimes pets like to move around in the vehicle in ways that passengers can’t. This is why we wanted to present you with a list of some of the best cars for driving with dogs, because it’s always nice to have a little help!

Toyotas that are easy to drive with dogs

Toyota RAV4

The RAV4 is an all-around great vehicle for every driver, but especially those drivers with dogs because of the amount of space and versatility the vehicle provides. Its interior is durable and easy to clean, which is another quality we thought would make the RAV4 a great vehicle for driving with dogs.

Toyota Highlander

We chose the Highlander for our list because it is incredibly spacious and strong. This is the vehicle you will want to get if you have a family and a pet, or even a family of pets, because with the available seating for eight or the ample cargo capacity of 83.7 cubic feet of space there’s room for everyone.

Toyota Prius

While the Prius may be a surprising vehicle choice when it comes to traveling with dogs, this vehicle is actually great for drivers who need to travel with smaller dogs. It is a hatchback model which means that there is more cabin room. In addition, the handling of the Prius is superb and it also has a ton of safety features to make sure everyone is protected.

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