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Can I remotely connect my phone to my Toyota multimedia system?

Video guide to pairing your phone with your Toyota multimedia system  

Can you wirelessly connect my phone to your Toyota multimedia system? Yes, watch the video guide or read the steps below to learn how to remotely connect your phone to your Toyota multimedia system for access to remote controls. You can find Toyota models here at Toyota Palo Alto, your dealership in Palo Alto, CA. 

How To: Remote Connect on Toyota’s New Audio Multimedia System | Toyota video by Toyota USA 

Check out this video guide to learn about connecting your phone remotely to your vehicle’s multimedia system. We’ve also written out the steps below, so scroll down to review the process. We hope you enjoy your new remote connectivity options. 

Steps to pairing your phone with your Toyota vehicle 

Are you ready to pair your phone with your Toyota vehicle? You’ll then be able to lock and unlock your vehicle’s doors from your phone from a distance. Other features are available as well. Thankfully, it is an easy process, so follow along with these steps to pair your phone with your Toyota vehicle: 

  • Enroll yourself and your vehicle in an active Remote Connect trial or subscription. You can do this on the Toyota mobile app.  
  • Scan an activation code to pair the vehicle with your account. This is the last step in setting up your Remote Connect trial or subscription. 
  • Assign remote access to any other drivers of the vehicle. If this is a shared vehicle, multiple phones can be given access. You can do this in the Toyota app by going to “My Garage” and then “Authorized Remote Drivers.” Watch the video above for more details.