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Should you buy the 2019 Toyota RAV4 or 4Runner?

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019
2019 Toyota RAV4 and 4Runner models in comparison image

2019 Toyota RAV4 vs 2019 Toyota 4Runner 

Being able to produce a class-leading vehicle is no easy task, as striking a perfect balance between performance and innovation takes years of research, development and due diligence to achieve. It’s for this reason that the Toyota model family is so remarkable – just about every market segment in the automotive industry is led by the brand, and for your off-roading SUV needs, the all-new RAV4 and 4Runner models are the best options out there. If you’re looking to see which one is best for you, we’ve got you covered. Check out our 2019 Toyota RAV4 vs 2019 Toyota 4Runner comparison today!  (more…)

Which Toyota sedan is right for you?

Monday, November 6th, 2017
2018 Toyota Camry and Corolla models shown in comparison image with rear shots

2018 Toyota Camry vs 2018 Toyota Corolla 

In today’s world, we place more of an emphasis on efficient, durable performance than ever before on the vehicles that interest us the most. In the Toyota model line, you’ll be pleased to find out that all of the family’s available models are highly adaptable, sophisticated and capable of providing amenities conducive to your continued enjoyment behind the wheel. Today, we’ll be showing you two of the top performers in their respective classes – the 2018 Toyota Camry and 2018 Toyota Corolla. Both have become iconic in the sedan field, so join us as we run through what makes each so special!  (more…)

What are the differences between the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord?

Friday, September 22nd, 2017
What are the differences between the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord

To stay on the cutting edge of innovation in both performance and technological capability, every model line needs a healthy rivalry to keep itself in check. Across the generations, Toyota and Honda have enjoyed a rivalry as competitive as it is beneficial to all consumers, and one notable example is the case of the 2018 Camry and 2017 Accord models, respectively. Both are famous favorites of many a driver, and if you’re looking to get behind the wheel, we’ll show you what each brings to the table!   (more…)

2017 Toyota RAV4 vs 2017 Honda CR-V

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017
2017 Toyota RAV4 vs 2017 Honda CR-V

The crossover industry is filled with plenty of the most efficient, stylish and well-built vehicles on the American market; this has made each one a favored option on the road, and we have two of the most consistent performers in the industry on display for you today. The 2017 Toyota RAV4 and 2017 Honda CR-V have both laid substantial claims to the top of the automotive class, and today we’ll show you how they match up with each other!  (more…)

2018 Toyota C-HR Model Comparison

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017
2018 Toyota C-HR model comparison

The all-new 2018 Toyota C-HR has officially made its way to dealership lots across the country, including ours here at Magnussen’s Toyota of Palo Alto. Our team is going to compare the two available trims – XLE and XLE Premium -to give drivers a better idea of what each one offers. (more…)

How does the Toyota Corolla compare to the Camry?

Friday, August 5th, 2016
How does the Toyota Corolla compare to the Camry?

Toyota is known for having a large lineup of vehicles to choose from . This is a great quality for an automotive brand to have. It means that there are a variety of options to explore and there will hopefully be something for every driver. The only real issue is that drivers can get confused about what each model has to offer and how each model differs. Today we’re going to help by answering the question, “How does the Toyota Corolla compare to the Camry?”. These are two of Toyota’s most popular models, but many people aren’t sure what makes them different. (more…)

Land Cruiser and Range Rover: What’s the difference?

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015
Differences between 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser and 2015 Range Rover

Differences between 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser and 2015 Range Rover

There are a number of strong-willed SUVs out there that make having one thrilling, but none like the Land Cruiser. The Toyota Land Cruiser is one of those vehicles that drivers love to have but are also somewhat slightly terrified to drive because, what if someone else scratches, dents, or otherwise hits it? However, drivers often decide that taking it around is well worth the possibility of surface wounds, as it is a vehicle that is meant to be seen. (more…)

How does the Prius plug-in compare to the 2015 Toyota Prius?

Monday, April 27th, 2015
Fuel economy comparison between 2015 Toyota Prius and 2015 Toyota Prius plug in

2015 Toyota Prius vs 2015 Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid mpg and specs

America’s favorite hybrid just got a little more efficient with an available plug-in hybrid model! The Toyota Prius has always been a great vehicle, but now with the available plug-in model, the already iconic vehicle is even better than before.

When comparing the 2015 Toyota Prius vs 2015 Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid mpg and specs, both vehicles are a great choice, but it just depends on whether or not you think you will actually use the plug in model as just that, one that you plug in to charge. The 2015 Toyota Prius plug in gets up to 95 MPGe* in EV mode, but gets up to 50 city mpg** when fueled with gasoline. (more…)

How does the Prius fuel efficiency ratings compare to others?

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015
Toyota Prius fuel efficiency ratings vs other models

Toyota Prius fuel efficiency ratings vs other models

The Toyota Prius is one of those cars you really struggle to find something wrong with. It has a ton of great features, is extremely and notably safe and perhaps the most well-known quality of all is that it is one of the most fuel efficient vehicles you will find. The Prius is one of  the original mainstream fuel efficient cars with which drivers can find themselves navigating the city with ease. To make things even better for more drivers across the board, the Toyota Prius now comes in three other models: the Toyota Prius c, the Prius V and the plug-in Prius.

In terms of how this vehicle stacks up against the competition, most drivers look at the Toyota Prius fuel efficiency ratings vs other models because that is, in fact, what the Prius is known for.

Some of the similarly styled/equipped comparisons are the 2015 Toyota Prius vs the 2015 Ford C-Max as well as the Honda Civic hybrid. (more…)

The Best Little Truck You Know

Friday, February 27th, 2015
2015 toyota tacoma blue small pickup comparison nissan frontier

2015 Toyota Tacoma vs. 2015 Nissan Frontier Palo Alto CA

It is a fairly tightly knit market, the small truck game. There is hardly any competition and that means that there isn’t a whole lot of choice either. Well, when there isn’t a lot of competition that usually means that the competition is fierce. And as we can see from the 2015 Toyota Tacoma vs. 2015 Nissan Frontier in Palo Alto CA comparison, our money is on the Tacoma, and with plenty of good reasons.