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What’s new with the 2016 Toyota Prius?

2016 Toyota Prius Release Date

Every year Toyota updates various models to keep up with the technology and styles that drivers enjoy. Toyota engineers work hard to create vehicles that drivers appreciate. Recently, Toyota revealed the all-new 2016 Prius at a world premiere event in Las Vegas. We are excited to be able to share what updates the Prius has received and when we can expect it to arrive at our dealership. Read the rest of this entry >>

official 2016 Toyota Tacoma release date in San Jose CA

Official 2016 Toyota Tacoma release date in San Jose CA

It seems as though every few years, a new trend emerges. This is nothing new and it happens in every single industry: Fashion, culinary, fitness and even the automotive world. For this decade, vehicles are focusing more on efficiency and durability, as drivers are driving vehicles longer than before and they are intended to meet a wide variety of needs.

One vehicle that has been doing that for years is the Toyota Tacoma; Toyota’s strikingly powerful midsize pickup. The Tacoma has been popular for a number of years, which may be why designers and manufacturers didn’t think it needed to be changed. Until now that is. Read the rest of this entry >>

Official 2016 Toyota Prius arrival date San Jose CA

Official 2016 Toyota Prius arrival date near San Jose CA

The Prius was the original hybrid that became popular after gas prices started to soar and the state of the Earth’s well-being was at risk. The Prius has an incredibly efficient fuel economy rating and it also has a ton of high-tech features to make it run more smoothly than ever before.

For the new model year of Prius’, we aren’t necessarily expecting a TON of changes, but we have heard of a few changes being made to the engine that will make it even efficient. Read the rest of this entry >>

Official release date 2016 Toyota Mirai

Official 2016 Toyota Mirai release date for Palo Alto CA

Efficiency has always been a focus at Toyota Palo Alto, and we love being able to give area drivers the wide variety of efficient options that we do because the benefits of getting a fuel efficient vehicle in Palo Alto CA are endless.

One of the vehicles lately that has been stirring up quite the bit of news is the Toyota Mirai because it is one of the first ever hydrogen-powered vehicles. Being the first in this type of innovation is a big deal for Toyota, as the company of automotive manufacturers is always looking for ways to improve its efficiency ratings and technology. Read the rest of this entry >>