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two hands holding up a car's windshield wiper

How to remove your Toyota car’s windshield wipers at home 

How do I take off and replace my vehicle’s windshield wiper blades? 

Windshield wiper removal and replacement is one of the easiest maintenance tasks you can do, but there are a few things to know about replacing them on a Toyota model. Our experts at Magnussen’s Toyota can help you find replacement blades in Palo Alto, CA. Keep reading to learn about replacing them at home. 

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A hand with a glove on touching a vehicle's brakes

How to inspect your vehicle’s brakes

Tips and tricks for inspecting your car’s brakes at home 

Regular brake inspections help keep you safe on the road. We provide brake inspections here at Magnussen’s Toyota in Palo Alto, CA, but if you can’t make it to our dealership, you can always inspect them yourself at home. Below, we will guide you through the steps of at-home brake inspection and help you identify signs of wear and tear. 

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a man working on a car with a tire by the side

Understanding the basics of tire pressure: why it’s important and how to maintain it

Does it matter if my tires are a little overinflated or underinflated? 

We prioritize your vehicle’s performance and safety here at Magnussen’s Toyota of Palo Alto, CA. Below, we’ll delve into the importance of maintaining proper tire pressure and why it should be a top priority for every driver. Understanding the basics of tire pressure is crucial for optimizing traction, fuel efficiency, and overall safety on the road. Let’s explore why tire pressure matters and how you can ensure optimal performance by keeping your tires properly inflated. 

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A flat tire on a road

Is it ok to drive on my vehicle’s spare tire?

How long can I drive on my car’s spare tire?  

At some point in every driver’s life, they will experience a flat tire. It’s an inconvenience that can happen at any time, and it can be frustrating, especially when you’re on the way to an important appointment or meeting. When you get a flat tire, the first thing to do is to pull over to a safe location and assess the situation. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a spare tire in your car that you can use to get back on the road. But is it okay to drive on a spare tire? Let’s find out. Visit Magnussen’s Toyota in Palo Alto for a tire swap. 

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a row of black tires close up with light shining on them

What type of tires should I get for my car? 

All-season, winter, and summer tire comparison 

Tires are an essential component of any vehicle, and choosing the right type of tire for your needs is crucial for safe and efficient driving. There are many different types of tires available on the market, each designed for specific driving conditions and environments. In this blog, we’ll discuss the differences between all-season, winter, and summer tires. Use our online tire shop here at Magnussen’s Toyota to find appropriate tires for your vehicle in Palo Alto, CA. 

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a vehicle with its tire removed

When should I get my car’s brake pads replaced? 

Indicators that your brake pads are wearing out 

Are you wondering whether your Toyota vehicle needs new brake pads? If you’re coming in for your regular ToyotaCare appointments, a technician should be checking your brake pads at each maintenance interval, so if you’ve been serviced recently, you’re probably alright. That being said, there are indicators you can look for to know when your brake pads are wearing out. Make an appointment with Magnussen’s Toyota in Palo Alto, CA, to check or replace your brake pads. 

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a vehicle lifted in the air at a service center

Schedule a Toyota Service Appointment near Sunnyvale, CA

All vehicles need to be serviced at some point or another. Each vehicle’s owner’s manual contains a manufacturer-recommended service schedule that highlights each form of maintenance and when it should take place. Just a few of the services that vehicles require to stay in tip-top shape include oil changes, tire rotations, transmission flushes, wheel alignment, and coolant flushes. If your Toyota vehicle is creeping up on service near Sunnyvale, CA, consider scheduling a service appointment at Magnussen’s Toyota of Palo Alto.

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