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Service Coupons at Toyota Palo Alto

Donate Toys and Save at Toyota Palo Alto

Owning a vehicle is a lot of responsibility. You have to keep up with regular maintenance as well as take it in for service whenever things aren’t operating as they should. It can be expensive to keep your car in perfect condition, but that’s where dealerships like Toyota Palo Alto come in. Our dealership provides service coupons to help to keep your service appointments as painless at possible. Right now, we are even running a program where you can bring toys to donate to Toys for Tots and we will give you a discount on Toyota Service. Read the rest of this entry >>

How to keep a car feeling brand new

Keep your vehicle clean and feeling new even years after you purchased it!

How to keep a car feeling brand new

Keeping your vehicle spick n’ span is one of the easiest, most difficult tasks there is. We would bet unless you seriously clean and detail your vehicle at least once a week, it will eventually look “lived-in.” That doesn’t mean messy or tattered necessarily, it just means that you can tell someone drives the vehicle often, and with many drivers in Palo Alto driving to and from work every day, or into the cities frequently, it is easy to understand how your vehicle could get dirty.

There are a number of ways how to keep a car feeling brand new, besides cleaning that is, and sometimes the most important and easiest one is to take it in for routine maintenance that is recommended both by the service department as well as the vehicle manufacturer. Read the rest of this entry >>