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2021 Toyota RAV4 SUVs in a row

What is Advanced Park for a Toyota vehicle?

Toyota vehicle Advanced Park feature video guide 

What is Advanced Park for a Toyota vehicle? It is a driver-assist feature that provides hands-free parking for parallel or perpendicular parking spaces. Basically, your car can park itself. Watch the video guide below to see it in action. You can find Toyota vehicles with Advanced Park here at Toyota Palo Alto in Palo Alto, CA. 

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a hand holding a phone in a car

Can I remotely connect my phone to my Toyota multimedia system?

Video guide to pairing your phone with your Toyota multimedia system  

Can you wirelessly connect my phone to your Toyota multimedia system? Yes, watch the video guide or read the steps below to learn how to remotely connect your phone to your Toyota multimedia system for access to remote controls. You can find Toyota models here at Toyota Palo Alto, your dealership in Palo Alto, CA. 

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An iPhone linked to a multimedia device inside a vehicle

How to Setup Apple CarPlay® in a Toyota

Make Driving More Fun with Apple CarPlay®

Whether you consider yourself an expert in technology or you are just getting by, we can all use a little help. If you want to enjoy your favorite tunes or essential apps from your Apple device, consider linking your phone to your Toyota. Apple CarPlay® can easily be connected to your Toyota vehicle in a few steps. Check out this video from Toyota USA to see how it is done.

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A person holding a phone with a tiny car and three blue-colored bars hovering over it

How to Use the Vehicle Health Report on the Toyota App

Check the Health of Your Toyota with This Application

It is easier than ever to check the health status of your Toyota vehicle. All it takes is a few minutes of your time and the Toyota App. If you are curious about recall notices, when your vehicle was last serviced, or current vehicle alerts, you can benefit from downloading the Toyota App. This blog contains a video from Toyota USA that will walk you the vehicle health report section of the Toyota App.

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Did You Know that Toyota has AWD models of the 2020 Camry and 2021 Avalon Coming Soon?

Toyota Announced the Addition of 2020 Camry AWD and 2021 Avalon AWD Models

Toyota recently announced that they would be releasing the first AWD sedan models since 1991. The two models are the 2020 Toyota Camry AWD and the 2021 Toyota Avalon AWD. Toyota already features a number of great AWD crossovers and SUVs, but the 2020 Camry and the 2021 Avalon would be the first sedans in the Toyota lineup to offer AWD in nearly 30 years. Join the staff here at Toyota Palo Alto as we explore the key aspects that each of these AWD Toyota sedans will offer! Read the rest of this entry >>