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Toyota Takes a Sleeper to SEMA

High-Powered Sleeper Camry Dragster at SEMA

SEMA is the ultimate gathering for automakers around the world to meet and display their products and concepts in the United States. Toyota took this as an opportunity to surprise the crowds with a high-powered sleeper Camry dragster at SEMA, giving the fans something they have never seen before. There are some sure fire ways to draw a crowd, and turning an everyday family sedan into a drag racer is one of them.

For those that aren’t as invested in the automotive industry’s slang terms, a “sleeper” is a vehicle that looks like any old production vehicle without any performance increase but features a high-powered engine and plenty of aftermarket upgrades as well. Under that definition, the 2015 Camry that Toyota brought to SEMA this year is one heck of a sleeper. Beneath the outer shell disguised as a run of the mill Camry lies a full-tube cage frame housing a 5.7-liter V8 from the Tundra suped up to 850 horsepower.

A TRD supercharger, a wet nitrous system, and 335-millimeter tires aid in putting maximum horsepower to the road. This super-Camry will cross the quarter-mile mark in under 10 seconds, faster than most supercars. The devil is the the details with this sleeper Camry; all four stock doors are still fully functional and the vehicle is from the exterior almost unrecognizable as a drag car. If it weren’t for the beefy tires and thundering exhaust note, it could drive up and down the street without turning more heads than usual.

Although you won’t be finding any 850 horsepower drag racing Toyotas on our lot any time soon, we at Magnussen’s Toyota of Palo Alto are still really excited about this sleeper Camry. There are plenty of new Toyota vehicles on our lot just waited to be taken home, so get in touch with our sales staff here and get behind the wheel of your next vehicle.