A phone connecting to the infotainment system in a Camry.

How cloud updates work in a Toyota vehicle

Will my Toyota entertainment system be automatically updated? 

How do you use cloud navigation in a Toyota vehicle? Watch the video guide below to learn about over-the-air updates for your Toyota multimedia system, also known as an entertainment system or a touchscreen display. Keep reading below for more information from Magnussen’s Toyota Palo Alto of Palo Alto, CA. 

How To: OTA Updates on Toyota’s New Audio Multimedia Platform | Toyota video by Toyota USA 

Will my Toyota vehicle’s touchscreen system be updated automatically? 

If you have a newer model equipped with the latest audio multimedia platform, then it should receive over-the-air updates. These updates can make the system more functional. They can also provide necessary bug fixes. Any vehicle equipped with a cellular Data Communications Module (DCM) can receive these updates. There is no requirement for a subscription in order to receive them. 

How do I download an over-the-air update on a Toyota vehicle? 

You’ll have to go into system settings to start a software update. These updates can be done via DCM, through cellular, with Wi-Fi, or using a USB cable. You’ll maintain full functionality of the system while the update takes place, so you won’t have to wait for it to finish before you use your favorite apps. 

How does my vehicle receive over-the-air updates for the navigation system? 

Your vehicle can receive these updates in one of three ways. First, the system checks periodically for updates itself. Second, Toyota can send on-demand updates as needed. Lastly, drivers can manually update the system. 

How to manually update your Toyota vehicle’s entertainment system 

Are you experiencing any issues with your Toyota vehicle’s screen or app features? This may be due to it needing an update. Here is how you can manually perform an over-the-air update. 

  • First, select Software Update in the vehicle’s settings menu. 
  • The system will check for available updates and display any that apply. 
  • Click on Update Software or select the download button, both will take you to the Terms of Service agreement. 
  • Read through and accept the Terms of Service in order to begin downloading the update.