A BZX4 at a charging station.

How do you charge an electric Toyota vehicle?

Video guide to charging a Toyota EV 

Do you plan on getting a Toyota EV? If so, you’ll need to know how to charge it. Thankfully, the process is no harder than filling up a gas tank. Watch the video guide below to learn how. You can find Toyota electric vehicles in the San Jose area here at Toyota Palo Alto in Palo Alto, CA.  

How to Charge Your Toyota Electric Vehicle | Toyota video by Toyota USA 

EV drivers, you’ll want to check out this video. Even if you’ve had an EV for a while, you could learn something. This video teaches you the following: 

  • How to use Level 1 charging cables 
  • How to set up a Level 2 charging station 
  • The difference between Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 EV charging 

How do I use my Level 1 charger at home? 

Most EV drivers will have a Level 1 charger at home, as this is the easiest option to operate. It’s so easy, in fact, that it might seem too obvious. Don’t worry, it really is that simple. 

  1. Park with the vehicle’s charging port within range of an outlet. 
  2. Get your Level 1 charger out of your vehicle. 
  3. Plug the charging cable into a wall outlet. 
  4. Open the charging port on your electric vehicle. 
  5. Plug the end of your Level 1 charger into your vehicle.