2023 Toyota Highlander vs 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee

How does the 2023 Toyota Highlander compare to the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Which 2023 SUV should you get: the Highlander or Grand Cherokee? 

Choosing your next SUV is no simple task. If you’re feeling like the choice is impossible, we get it. Hopefully, we can help by providing information on some of the popular SUV models you’re choosing from. If you’re interested in a new Highlander or a pre-owned Grand Cherokee, visit Magnussen’s Toyota in Palo Alto, CA. 

2023 Toyota Highlander vs 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee | Toyota video 

You’ll see these two impressive SUV models go head-to-head in this video. It’s a great way to compare their exterior, interior, performance, and safety features. Keep reading below to review and learn more. 

2023 Toyota Highlander vs 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee – best features and specifications 

Here’s a review of some of the key points mentioned in the video above, along with some other best features and specifications we thought you might care to know. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to a team member. A test drive may help settle your mind on one SUV or the other. 


2023 Toyota Highlander 

2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 




Smart Key System 


Not available  

Wheel Size 

Available 20-inch 

17 to 21 inches 

Rain-sensing wipers 



Seating capacity 

Up to 8 passengers 

Third row available but costs more 


Two 120V outlets on select trims 

One 120V outlet on select trims 

Maximum cargo volume 

84.3 cubic feet 

70.8 cubic feet 

Cargo volume 

48.4 cubic feet 

37.7 cubic feet 


Available 12.3-inch display 

Available 8.4- or 10.1-inch displays 

Audio system 

Available 11-speaker premium system 

Available 19-speaker premium system 


265 hp 

293 hp  


310 pound-feet 

260 pound-feet 

Hybrid fuel economy 

36 mpg 


Maximum towing (gasoline) 

5,000 pounds 

7,200 pounds 

Heated and ventilated seats