How does the Prius Prime compare to the Prius?

Toyota is known for its large lineup of hybrid vehicles. Every year they upgrade their current vehicles and even occasionally add completely new models to appeal to costumers. Today we’re going to take a closer look at one of Toyota’s newest hybrid models and one of its oldest hybrid options by answering the question, “How does the Prius Prime compare to the Prius?”.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime vs 2016 Toyota Prius

The Prius Prime is a brand new vehicle to the Toyota lineup, which means there is a lot to learn before it is officially released. The Prius Prime works very similarly to the standard Prius, but it has an increased electric driving range, more powerful motors and enhanced fuel efficiency. The Prius Prime is able to operate in full electric and hybrid power to help you go farther. The Prius Prime is projected to receive a rating of 600 miles of total driving range. All-electric driving helps maximize your mileage with an anticipates 120 MPGe and up to 22 miles of pure electric driving.

Another difference between the Prius Prime and Prius is some design details. The Prius Prime offers available four-projector LED headlights, LED taillights and signals to help you see and be seen any time of day. It also has a aerodynamically formed rear glass and hatch that results in a lightweight, easy-to-lift hatch.

2017 Prius Prime Color Options
2016 Prius vs 2017 Prius Prime

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These are just a few of the major differences between the classic Prius and Prius Prime. If you are interested in learning more call or visit Toyota Palo Alto, your friendly Toyota dealership in the Bay Area. We will be able to answer any further questions you might have. We can even help you schedule a test drive when the Prius Prime arrives here in the San Jose area later this year.