Toyota Tire Pressure Monitoring System banner with two Toyota models in the background

How Does the Tire Pressure Monitoring System Work in Your Toyota Vehicle?

Toyota Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Every new Toyota vehicle comes equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). This system essentially serves the purpose of notifying drivers when one or more of their tires needs to be refilled, repaired, or replaced. The service staff available here at Toyota Palo Alto is here to answer any questions that customers might have regarding the TPMS in their Toyota vehicle. Join our staff today as we highlight how the Tire Pressure Monitoring System in Your Toyota vehicle works!

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Warning Light


What Should You Do When the Tire Pressure Monitoring System Warning Light is Active?

Essentially, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System in your Toyota vehicle uses sensors to measure the tire pressure for all four of the vehicle’s tires. When the tire pressure in one or more tires is too low, the TPMS Warning Light will display on your Toyota instrument display and a warning message will appear on the Multi-Information Display. At this point, drivers should check the pressure in all four tires and fill them if necessary. If, after doing so, the warning light and message remain, then you will need to visit our local mechanic or Toyota dealership to have the issue explored further.

How Do You Reset the Tire Pressure Monitoring System?

Occasionally, the warning will also trigger after rotating your tires, switching tire sizes, or changing the tire pressure. In these cases, you will simply need to reset the TPMS to adjust for whatever change you made to your vehicle’s tires. To reset the TPMS, with the engine running, you can simply press and hold the “Reset” button, located to the right of the steering column on the instrument panel in most Toyota models. Hold the “Reset” button until the TPMS Warning Light blinks slowly three times. Let the engine run for a few more minutes and then turn the engine back off to complete the reset process.

If this process fails or you believe you have a significant issue with your Toyota vehicle’s TPMS then you should visit us here at Toyota Palo Alto today! You can also visit us to explore the service specials that we have available as well!

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