A blue-colored 2021 Toyota Prius parked outside

How Far Can a Prius Travel Without Stopping?

How Many Miles Can a 2021 Toyota Prius Last?

The Toyota Prius is one of the more well-known Toyota models for a variety of reasons. As hybrids become more popular, the Prius seems like the perfect vehicle option. One question you may be pondering is how far you can travel in the 2021 Toyota Prius before you need to stop and refuel. Keep reading this blog to learn the answer and the location for where you can buy or lease a 2021 Prius.

How Far Can I Drive on One Charge with the 2021 Prius?

A red-colored 2021 Toyota Prius driving on a road

When utilizing the all-electric mode, the 2021 Toyota Prius has an EPA-rated range of 25 miles. This is more than double the range of the first-generation model. When using gas, the 2021 Prius can receive 58 miles per gallon in the city and 53 miles per gallon on the highway. This means the 2021 Toyota Prius can travel roughly 655.4 miles in the city and 598.9 miles on the highway. This hybrid has a total fuel tank capacity of 11.3 gallons, so you will not have to stop too often.

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What is the Life of a Toyota Prius?

Like other Toyota models, the 2021 Prius was built to last. Not only is this vehicle efficient, but it is reliable. It has been reported that many Toyota Prius models can have a life of 200,000 miles. Some have even been reported to last up to 300,000 miles. Of course, internal and external wear and tear, mechanical upkeep, and driving style play a role in how long a vehicle lasts.

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Where Can I Find a 2021 Toyota Prius?

If you live in the San Francisco Bay or Palo Alto CA area, then you do not have to travel far. You can buy or lease a 2021 Toyota Prius from Magnussen’s Toyota of Palo Alto today! You can check out our latest inventory here and schedule a test drive. Or stop by our dealership lot to see the 2021 Prius in person. Our sales representatives would be happy to walk you through some additional features and answer all your questions.