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How Often Should You Change the Oil in Your Toyota Vehicle and What Type Should You Use?

Toyota Oil Change Intervals and Recommended Oil Viscosity

As you likely know, the oil in your Toyota vehicle is one of the most important fluids that the model utilizes. Oil lubricates the many moving parts within your engine to prevent damage and overheating due to friction. The service staff at Toyota Palo Alto is here to emphasize the importance of engine oil and, more so, the importance of regular oil changes using the oil viscosity recommended by Toyota. Let’s explore how often you should change the oil in your Toyota vehicle and what type of oil you should use together!

How Often Should You Change the Oil in Your Toyota?

You may have heard that you should be changing the oil in your vehicle every 3 months of 3,000 miles. This was true at one time, but the advancements in engine technology have made these intervals outdated. Now, Toyota recommends that owners change the oil in their vehicles every 6 months or 5,000 miles, whichever interval occurs first. Just as important as the oil change intervals, owners should ensure that they are using the proper type of oil in their Toyota as well!

What Type of Oil Should You Use in Your Toyota?

Toyota, as you might expect, recommends that owners utilize Toyota Genuine Motor Oils when changing the oil in their vehicles. These motor oils are specifically designed to work with Toyota engines and will offer better performance than other motor oil options. However, if you are interested in using different motor oil, Toyota recommends that customers use synthetic motor oil with a 5W-30 viscosity.

You can visit us here at Toyota Palo Alto today for more information on oil change information or learn what motor oil to use in models like the Toyota Corolla and Toyota RAV4 for yourself!

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