Official release date 2016 Toyota Mirai

Official 2016 Toyota Mirai release date for Palo Alto CA

Efficiency has always been a focus at Toyota Palo Alto, and we love being able to give area drivers the wide variety of efficient options that we do because the benefits of getting a fuel efficient vehicle in Palo Alto CA are endless.

One of the vehicles lately that has been stirring up quite the bit of news is the Toyota Mirai because it is one of the first ever hydrogen-powered vehicles. Being the first in this type of innovation is a big deal for Toyota, as the company of automotive manufacturers is always looking for ways to improve its efficiency ratings and technology.

The official 2016 Toyota Mirai release date for Palo Alto CA has not been announced quite yet, but as soon as we get word that we will be getting this exceptionally intelligent vehicle in our showroom, we will definitely be making it known!

Let’s talk about the 2016 Toyota Mirai a little though, shall we?

Like we said, it is one of the most innovative, advanced vehicles of all time and has the option to not use a single drop of regular oil and gasoline, but rather, hydrogen. The 2016 Toyota Mirai will be available for order later this summer online, so drivers who are interested in getting the next big thing in innovation and alternative energies can take advantage of this exceptional vehicle and even receive some federal incentives.

The Toyota Mirai, also called the Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle, can hit up to 111 mph and only water comes out of its exhaust, which is a huge deal for those concerned about the state of the environment. The technology in the vehicle is able to convert the water that you pump into your vehicle into hydrogen to power the vehicle’s internal battery that makes the vehicle run. Can you imagine only needing water to power your vehicle instead of stopping at the gas pump. The 2016 Toyota Mirai will surely be a vehicle that will change things for years to come.  Find out more today at Toyota Palo Alto!