Official 2016 Toyota Prius arrival date San Jose CA

Official 2016 Toyota Prius arrival date near San Jose CA

The Prius was the original hybrid that became popular after gas prices started to soar and the state of the Earth’s well-being was at risk. The Prius has an incredibly efficient fuel economy rating and it also has a ton of high-tech features to make it run more smoothly than ever before.

For the new model year of Prius’, we aren’t necessarily expecting a TON of changes, but we have heard of a few changes being made to the engine that will make it even efficient.

One of those changes is making the engine more thermally efficient and the new engine achieved a 40 percent rating. This thermal efficiency is important to the future of efficient vehicles as it determines how much drivers will spend on gas. A thermal efficiency rating of 40 percent, compared to prior model years’ ratings of 35-38 percent could mean big savings for drivers everywhere.

The 2016 Prius engine is the most efficient production engine and increases the recirculation of exhaust gas from 21 percent to 28 percent. The 2016 Prius fuel efficiency rating is expected to jump up to an unprecedented 55 MPG, and it will supposedly have a more spacious backseat, a more spacious cargo area and a number of new high-tech features and options.

We don’t have word yet on an official 2016 Toyota Prius arrival date near San Jose CA, we are expecting to see this vehicle in our dealership showroom later this year. The Prius is an extremely popular vehicle, especially in recent months and years because of the new focus on fuel economy. In addition to fuel economy ratings, though the Prius has always been considered one of the forward-thinking vehicles.

Some of its expected fun features include some sort of high-tech infotainment system and navigation system, a rearview backup camera, iconic style.

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