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Summer maintenance checklist for your Toyota vehicle

With the warmer weather that summer provides, there are plenty of great opportunities to load up your Toyota vehicle, grab your friends, and head out for a great, fun road trip. However, there are a few housekeeping items you’ll want to take care of to ensure that your journey is safe and enjoyable. We want to help you out, so our Toyota Palo Alto team has put together a summer maintenance checklist for your Toyota vehicle – come inside today to see what you should be keeping an eye on before you roll out!  

Toyota mechanic draining oil from vehicle

Replace Oil and Fluids 

Your Toyota vehicle depends on its motor oil, transmission fluid, coolant and brake fluid to make your shifting and stopping smooth, responsive and reliable. To ensure that it stays that way, come and see our team to get your reserves replaced as soon as you can – this will allow your model to stay in peak condition for longer! 

Toyota mechanic performing service on model in service bay

Replace Timing Belts and Hoses 

Serpentine belts, alternators, spark plugs, and hoses are all key components of your Toyota vehicle, as they are trusted to keep your engine’s processes running the way that they should. With enough wear and tear, these parts can start to wear thin, which is why you should be aiming to get them replaced before your next trip!  

Toyota mechanic installing tires

Change and Align Tires 

Over time, your tire treads could wear out, or your tires themselves could become misaligned on your axle, making it harder for them to wear evenly. When this happens, you should bring your Toyota model into our tire center and get a fresh set of summer-ready tires. It’ll become much easier to get back your traction and control over the road, as well as increasing your fuel efficiency!  

Toyota mechanic charging model battery in service bay

Replace/Charge Your Batteries 

Your Toyota vehicle’s battery is arguably the most important part of your driving experience, as it is what starts your model and keeps all its electronics running smoothly. Because of this, right about now you should be either recharging or replacing your battery to ensure that you’re getting the most out of every drive.

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Schedule Car Service at Toyota Palo Alto 

From all of us here at Toyota Palo Alto, we hope your summer travels are enjoyable, fun and rejuvenating – be sure to contact our service team today if you’d like to schedule a maintenance appointment before you leave!