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Could Standard Gas be a Thing of the Past?

Toyota FCV Concept

In the world of automobiles, no vehicle can travel faster than the rate at which the technology is progressing. Now, the automotive industry is really no stranger to the idea of the hydrogen fuel cell; Honda has had the Clarity for quite some time. But now Toyota is taking a crack at modernizing and maximizing the fuel cell tech with the Toyota FCV Concept. Hold on tight, this is going to get crazy.

With a solid 20 years invested in the idea of hydrogen fuel cell technology, the FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) has finally been unveiled. The first question you may be asking yourself is “why hydrogen?”. Well, hydrogen is the most abundant chemical on our planet. It’s literally everywhere, waiting to be drawn through renewable sources like solar and wind energy. Not to mention, when this hydrogen fuel is burned, there are no noxious fumes or toxins, only water vapor. That’s right, you run your car and the only emissions you produce are water.

These fuel cells work because the hydrogen will mix with the oxygen through air-intake vents to cause a chemical reaction in which electricity is produced, powering an electric motor. There are a large number of similarities in running a hydrogen fuel cell and running a standard gasoline engine. You will be filling the tank with liquid hydrogen, which takes about the same time to fill up at a gas station. Also, you will manage roughly 300 miles per tank, not indifferent from vehicles of today.

Of course, there are red flags being thrown up left and right from the countless skeptics. But no brilliant idea ever existed in a world free of nay-sayers. Keep a weather eye on the horizon, hydrogen fuel cell technology might just be closer than you think. For more information on the automotive industry and Toyota news, keep up with our official blog. We at Toyota of Palo Alto are here to field your questions and put your concerns to rest, so get in touch with our team and get back on the road in a brand new Toyota.