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What did Toyota present at the 2016 CES?

Toyota Highlights from CES 2016

January starts the most exciting time of the automotive year. It is the time of year when brands like Toyota are announcing new vehicles and technologies that they have been developing. It’s always exciting to see what’s coming next that will make driving even more exciting. Today we’re going to look at the most recent vehicle news by exploring the Toyota highlights from CES 2016.

What is CES?

CES stands for Consumer Electronic Show. This event is held every January at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Many brands come and present new technology developments. This year Toyota had quite a large display, which included a number of exciting new ideas. Some of these include:

  • Toyota Smart Center: This serves as the center of Toyota’s vision for Smart Mobility Society that connects people, vehicles and communities. This cloud-based system gathers secure vehicle data and provides customers with services that make life easier.
  • Agent+: This service system leverages multiple factors including day, time, location and driving history to help predict likely destinations and help get you there quickly and efficiently.
  • Toyota Kikai CES 2016 Las Vegas Toyota Palo Alto San Jose CAMobility Teammate Concept: This concept helps show Toyota’s research and development in automated driving technology. The vehicle showcases Toyota’s approach to automated driving, which also means building relationships between people and cars to achieve safe and fun driving.
  • Artificial Intelligence Display: A scale model Prius connected to vehicles to learn more and share with each other in real time to provide a safe driving experience.
  • Toyota FCV Plus concept vehicle: This vehicle demonstrates Toyota’s vision of a connected, sustainable hydrogen society. The vehicle shows the potential in hydrogen fuel cell technology beyond the automotive industry.
  • Toyota Kikai: Kikai means machine and it puts the beauty of the machinery aspects of the vehicle out from beneath the body to make it visible.

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There are just a few of the highlights from Toyota’s display at the 2016 CES. If you are interested in learning more about the future of Toyota, we encourage you to check back here often at Toyota Palo Alto. We even have a variety of 2016 vehicles in stock for drivers to enjoy. They include some of the most advanced and innovative features available in the automotive industry. Come see what Toyota has to offer with vehicles like the all-new 2016 Prius or 2016 Corolla.