a vehicle driving in snow

What are the best Toyota models for driving through snow?

Snow capable Toyota models for your winter adventure 

What are the best Toyota models for driving through snow? We think AWD Toyota models with certain safety features are the most optimal for driving in winter weather. You can learn about these models and features below with Toyota Palo Alto, your dealership in Palo Alto, CA. 

a red car buried in snow

Best Toyota sedans for snowy weather 

If you are a car lover and don’t want anything bigger than a sedan for your winter adventure, then we highly recommend choosing a Toyota Camry or Toyota Avalon with AWD. Many sedans are FWD vehicles, which enhance fuel efficiency but don’t have the same traction and stability as AWD. Some Toyota Camry and Toyota Avalon models have available AWD systems. 

Toyota trucks and SUVs that are snow capable 

Toyota trucks, SUVs, and crossovers are your best options across the board for driving in snowy weather. We highly recommend any of these vehicles if you drive through the snow on a regular basis. Talk with a member of our team for a more specific recommendation based on your preferences and needs. 

Features to look out for with winter driving 

Other than AWD, which features can make a difference in snowy weather? Toyota Safety Sense features are a top priority for safety both in the winter and in the snow. Below, we have a list of the features that we recommend keeping an eye out for. 

  • All-season, all-terrain tires: Winter tires are the best for winter driving, but second best are all-season, all-terrain tires. If you can spend the extra money, then equip your vehicle with winter tires. If not, look for tires that look new on pre-owned vehicles or look for new vehicles with all-terrain tires. 
  • Drive modes: Vehicles with drive modes, also known as multi-terrain modes among other names, will be your best friend in the winter. You want to look for a vehicle with Snow mode in particular. 
  • Toyota Safety Sense: It doesn’t hurt to have extra safety features on any vehicle. Toyota Safety Sense gives you advanced driver-assistance features that can lessen your stress and create an extra layer of security for you.  
  • LED headlights and high beam assist headlights: Snow can create bad visibility. Having the best headlights possible can help counteract this. Look for LED headlights and vehicles with high beam assist headlights.