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What is a maintenance light?

What does it mean when the maintenance light is blinking in my Toyota Corolla?

Every vehicle has its own style, even when it comes down to the details, like dashboard lights. It can be difficult to know what each light means and what to do when one goes on. Some lights are minor warnings, while others are serious and cannot be ignored. Today we’re going to help you get to know your Toyota warning lights by answering the questions, “What does it mean when the maintenance light is blinking in my Corolla?”.

What does the maintenance required light mean?

Toyota vehicles have one dashboard light that other automotive brands don’t have and that’s the maintenance required light (MAINT REQD). Many first time Toyota drivers might confuse this light with the check engine light, but it is actual a different warning altogether. The maintenance required light is notifying you that maintenance is required according to the driven distance on the vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

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The light illuminates for about 3 seconds and then flashes for about 15 second every 4,500 miles after the maintenance has been reset. Most often this just means your vehicle might be due for an oil change. The light will come on and remain on if the distance driven exceeds 5,000 miles after the maintenance data has been reset.

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How to Reset Maintenance Data on Toyota Corolla

Resetting your maintenance data is fairly simple. After the required maintenance is performed according maint reqd light toyota corolla flashing Toyota Palo Alto oil change service appointment san jose cato the maintenance schedule follow these steps:
1. Turn the “ENGINE START STOP” switch or engine switch off with the trip meter A reading shown,
2. While pressing the trip meter reset button turn the “ENGINE START STOP” switch or engine switch ON.
3. Continue to press and hold the button until the trip meter displays 000000.

Taking care of your Toyota vehicle is simple when you know what each warning light means. If you ever have any questions you about whether your vehicle needs any kind of maintenance don’t hesitate and call the service department here at Toyota Palo Alto. Our friendly staff will be able to help you figure out what’s going on with your vehicle and whether it’s time to make a service appointment.