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Scion C-HR Concept Car

What is the Scion C-HR?

Each yeah automotive brands bring their latest models to a variety of auto shows around the world. One of the most recent has been the Los Angeles Auto Show. It always takes place at the end of November and many automotive brands come to make an appearance. One of these automotive brands is Scion. This year they presented the Scion C-HR concept car. So what is the Scion C-HR?

Scion C-HR Model Information

The Scion C-HR is a concept car that is unique in style and performance capabilities. The C-HR stands for Compact size and High Ride height. It has four doors and a hatch for ultimate functionality. This vehicle is perfect for drivers who find SUVs too bland and want something more creative and exciting. The C-HR is eye-catching with sharp front, rear and sides. It has graphite black accents on the grille, rear bumper, fender flares and lower side panels, which helps give the C-HR a strong appearance.

Scion C-HR Toyota Palo Alto CA model informationThe Scion C-HR has 21-inch wheels that are not only stunning, but powerful and will help get drivers where they need to go no matter where the road leads. It also has Toyota’s New Global Architecture that gives it a lower center of gravity, increased body strength and responsive handling. The Scion C-HR definitely stands out with its exciting exterior and powerful performance capabilities.

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Even though the Scion C-HR might not be made for mass production, it is still exciting to see what innovations Scion has been working on. If you want to learn more about the Scion lineup, call or visit Toyota Palo Alto. We will be able to answer any further questions you might have. We can also help you schedule a test drive here in Palo Alto, CA. Come see what other drivers already loving about the Scion lineup.