Toyota Ever Better Expedition

Toyota takes to the road with the #EverBetter Expedition

Whether you have or haven’t seen the YouTube videos that are about the #EverBetter expedition, you may still be wondering what is the Toyota Ever Better Expedition campaign? In an effort to promote the versatility and durability of Toyota’s new lineup and as well as test out the claims of manufacturers and designers, Toyota is taking these vehicles on the open road for a 110-day journey across North America. This road trip is named the Ever Better Expedition.

The idea behind this epic road trip is to show drivers just how well these vehicles can handle some of the toughest urban and rural terrains for the U.S., Canada and Mexico, but to also get Toyota engineers behind the wheel and on the road so they can better understand what a customer feels when they become attached to their vehicle.

140 drivers will take place in the EverBetter Expedition, and the designers’ journeys are being chronicled through a series of YouTube videos, which you can find searching for the hashtag #EverBetter.

On the expedition recently, Toyota revealed a brand-new vehicle to its lineup: the Ultimate Utility Vehicle. This vehicle is a hybrid of the Toyota Sienna and the Toyota Tacoma, which is unheard of in terms of a vehicle mashup. Not only is this a unique combination for Toyota, but for the entire automotive industry.

With the handling of a truck but the space of a minivan, the UUV is one of those vehicles you won’t find anywhere else, which makes Toyota a viable source for innovation and utility. Through the entirety of the journey, drivers will be obtaining feedback from customers on how they use their personal vehicles to make their experience even better than ever.

Watch more of the videos below!