A red-colored 2021 Toyota Prius

What is the Toyota Upgrade Program?

Get Behind the Wheel of a New Toyota with the Toyota Upgrade Program

If you find yourself itching to get behind the wheel of a new or Certified Pre-Owned Toyota vehicle, you may be a great candidate for the Toyota Upgrade Program. Whether you are interested in driving off the lot in a sedan, SUV, or pickup truck, you can easily find a Toyota that qualifies for this program. There are many benefits that come from taking advantage of the Toyota Upgrade Program. This blog will go over these perks and further explain how this program works.

How Does the Toyota Upgrade Program Work?

The program does exactly what it says it does. You can upgrade your Toyota to a new or Certified Pre-Owned Toyota. We know it can be worrisome to invest in a new vehicle due to the price. With the Toyota Upgrade Program there is no obligation to buy. This process is simple: Come to our dealership to view qualifying vehicles, find one you simply cannot live without, and we will do the rest. We will create an upgrade offer that often leads to lower monthly payments than what you are currently paying on your vehicle. Before you know it you will be driving down the road in a Toyota that has the latest technology and driver assistance features to date.

What Benefits Come with the Toyota Upgrade Program?

A white-colored 2021 Toyota Tundra driving on a dirt path

The Toyota Upgrade Program includes an array of benefits that will have you smiling all the way home. When you choose to participate in the program you can expect:

  • Low monthly payments
  • Better financing terms
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • Above market value for your trade -in
  • New comfort and entertainment features
  • Longer and more comprehensive warranties
  • Reduced cost of driving & increased safety technology

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Where Can I Get the Toyota Upgrade Program in the San Francisco Bay CA Area?

If you live near the Palo Alto or San Francisco Bay CA, you are in luck. You can easily take advantage of the Toyota Upgrade Program when you stop by Magnussen’s Toyota of Palo Alto. You can stop by Monday-Sunday to speak with a sales representative who can show you qualifying vehicles. There are many options to choose from, so you are sure to find the Toyota of your dreams that fits your lifestyle perfectly.