2021 Toyota Venza exterior side view

What Level of Performance Output is Offered by the 2021 Toyota Venza Hybrid Engine System?

2021 Toyota Venza Performance Specifications and Features

Are you interested in learning more about the all-new 2021 Toyota Venza and the performance output offered by its hybrid engine system? If so, then you are in luck! The staff here at Toyota Palo Alto is well aware of the great deal of interest in the 2021 Toyota Venza. You can visit us here at Toyota Palo Alto to explore the 2021 Toyota Venza for yourself today! Also, you can join our staff as we explore the performance specifications and features that the 2021 Toyota Venza has available today!

2021 Toyota Venza Hybrid System Performance Specifications

The 2021 Toyota Venza offers a hybrid engine system that features an internal combustion engine and two electric motors, one located at each of the vehicle’s axles. The engine available as part of the hybrid system is a 2.5L I-4 engine while the two motors are Permanent Magnet Synchronous motors.

The 2.5L engine delivers performance specifications of 176 horsepower and 163 pound-feet of torque. Additionally, the front axle electric motor offers 188 horsepower and 149 pound-feet of torque while the rear axle electric motor generates 54 horsepower and 89 pound-feet of torque. This hybrid engine system delivers combined net power output of 219 horsepower and fuel economy ratings of 40 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway.

two hands holding a steering wheel in the 2021 Toyota Venza
Exterior view of the rear and side of a bronze 2021 Toyota Venza

2021 Toyota Venza Complementary Performance Features

Along with the terrific performance specifications that were highlighted above, the 2021 Toyota Venza also offers a few great complementary performance features as well! One of the key complementary performance features available on the 2021 Toyota Venza is the Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system! The 2021 Toyota Venza also offers four driving modes that customers are able to choose from as well! These four driving modes include EV, ECO, Sport, and Normal.

If you would like to learn more about the performance specifications and features available with the 2021 Toyota Venza, then you should contact our staff here at Toyota Palo Alto today!

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