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When should I get my car’s brake pads replaced? 

Indicators that your brake pads are wearing out 

Are you wondering whether your Toyota vehicle needs new brake pads? If you’re coming in for your regular ToyotaCare appointments, a technician should be checking your brake pads at each maintenance interval, so if you’ve been serviced recently, you’re probably alright. That being said, there are indicators you can look for to know when your brake pads are wearing out. Make an appointment with Magnussen’s Toyota in Palo Alto, CA, to check or replace your brake pads. 

Top five signs that your brake pads are getting thin 

If you notice anything weird about the way your car is driving, there’s no harm in getting it checked out. If it’s not the brake pads, it could be something else. That being said, if you’re noticing one of the following indicators, there’s a chance that your brake pads are wearing thin. 

  • Vehicle stopping distance is increased 
  • Excessive brake noise is heard when stopping 
  • An abnormal brake pedal feel such as the need for increased force is noticed 
  • Pulling to one side or vibration during braking occurs 
  • Excessive brake dust is seen on the vehicle’s wheels 

Toyota Service Tips 101 | Brakes video by Toyota USA 

While there’s no exact science to brake pads since they’re so dependent on driving style, road conditions, and other factors, you can always check them yourself. Watch this video to see a visual of how thick your brake pads should be. A technician at our facilities can also take a look. 

Get your vehicle’s brakes inspected at your next ToyotaCare appointment 

If you buy a Toyota, you get two years or 25,000 miles (whichever comes first) of a no-cost maintenance plan which includes a multi-point inspection. Get your vehicle inspected and get your tires rotated today. Contact us for more information.