2015 toyota rav4 crossover suv vs hyundai santa fe palo alto ca
Toyota Rav4 VS Hyundai Santa Fe
Yes Power-Lift Rear Gate No
$23,680 Price $25,950
24 City MPG 18
31 Highway MPG 25

2015 Toyota Rav4 vs. 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Palo Alto CA

2015 toyota rav4 crossover suv vs hyundai santa fe palo alto ca

When it comes to comparing crossovers, there are so many out there, making it tough to decide which one is the right one. Well, when you are shopping for the perfect crossover, it’s a good idea to start with the Toyota Rav4. To make the points much more clear, we at Magnussen’s Toyota of Palo Alto have put together this 2015 Toyota Rav4 vs. 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe in Palo Alto CA comparison. After pouring over the numbers, you can clearly see the the Rav4 is where the money is at. 

Side by side, the 2015 Rav4 is coming out ahead in all the areas that matter most. Right off of the bat, the Santa Fe is much more expensive than the Rav4, and pretty soon you are going to be wondering why. You will be getting significantly better fuel economy out of the Toyota as well; with upwards of 31 miles per gallon highway in comparison to the Hyundai’s paltry 25, the Rav4 is built to travel much, much further. You will be netting more city mileage as well, giving you the option of driving how you want without having to stop for fuel constantly.

The Rav4 is Built for You

There is no denying the style of the 2015 Rav4. Here in California, the place where style really and truly was born, the Rav4 fits in very nicely indeed. The exterior is shaped to not only be inspiring to look at but is scientifically advanced. Fuel economy has been made a priority, so naturally the shape of the Rav4 is made to be very aerodynamic. The mirrors and tailgate utilize vortex generators to channel the flow of air over and around the vehicle to maximize mileage without having to change the overall design of the vehicle. 

Don’t think that the interior of the Rav4 is spartan in any way. Not at all; you will find yourself riding in first class no matter where you sit inside the Toyota’s cabin. Superior comfort is the first step in crafting an quality and luxurious interior space. The available 6.1-inch touchscreen display with the Entune app suite is the perfect way to balance your information and entertainment as you drive along. And besides, when you are in the new Rav4, you will already be off to a great start with your brand new set of adventures.

2015 toyota rav4 crossover suv vs hyundai santa fe palo alto ca