Toyota Coronavirus Financial Relief and Incentives

Coronavirus Financial Relief and Incentives

The Coronavirus crisis is financially impacting many individuals throughout the country. As an attempt to alleviate the financial burden for customers, many companies are offering some financial relief and purchase incentives. Toyota happens to be one company that is leading this charge by offering payment relief and deferrals along with lease-end support and other financial assistance.

California has been struck pretty hard by the Coronavirus crisis, and the team here at Toyota Palo Alto is doing everything that we can to help our customers in their time of need. Join us today as we highlight the many ways that Toyota is helping customers to manage the financial impact of the current crisis.

Current Toyota Customer Payment Relief

Toyota is allowing current Toyota customers the opportunity to discuss payment relief, provided that they are financing through Toyota Financial Services. Each customer has been impacted financially by the Coronavirus crisis differently and has their own individual circumstances that they are dealing with. As a result, Toyota Financial Services will deal with each payment relief case on a case-by-case basis. Contact us or Toyota Financial Services directly to discuss your options today!

Current Toyota Customer Lease-End Support

Toyota lessees are also impacted greatly by the Coronavirus crisis as well. If your current lease is nearing its end, then you should contact Toyota Financial Services or us here at Toyota Palo Alto to discover what options you have for lease-end support. This may include an option to extend your lease period out if necessary.

New Toyota Customer Payment Deferral

Finally, customers who are interested in purchasing a new Toyota vehicle have the opportunity to defer their first monthly payment. Customers can defer their payment for as long as 90 days, which should allow them time to better position themselves financially to make regular monthly payments. This is available on all new and certified pre-owned Toyota vehicles purchased between March 18th and May 4th of 2020.

If you have more specific questions about these Toyota financial relief options and incentives, then you are more than welcome to contact our staff here at Toyota Palo Alto for more information! Feel free to contact us by phone or by filling out the form below and we will do our best to answer your question!

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