Types of car warranties for Palo Alto CA

Types of car warranties for Palo Alto CA

Getting your new vehicle is extremely exciting, and a big deal! It’s a new addition to your family, even if it’s not necessarily a living, breathing addition. After you sign on the dotted line, it is important to protect your investment, even if you have a great driving record or don’t live in an area where there is extreme weather. You never know what will happen and it is crucial to be prepared for any type of situation, especially to protect something as precious as your new or at least new-to-you vehicle!

At Magnussen’s Toyota you can choose from a few different types of car warranties for Palo Alto CA drivers, including a manufacturer’s warranty, which comes on brand-new cars straight from Toyota itself, an extended warranty, and a powertrain warranty. All of these types of warranties have their time and place, so keep reading to see what type of protection would be best for your automobile!

Manufacturer’s warranty

Types of car warranties for Palo Alto CA

This is the warranty that comes with most vehicles when they are brand-new, straight from the manufacturer. This type of warranty is meant to cover most of the issues that would arise or the components in your vehicle that might break down during the early years of its life through normal wear-and-tear. Typically, these types of warranties don’t cover anything like tires, brake pads, batteries or windshield wiper blade replacement. It also does not cover anything in the event of an accident.

The manufacturer’s warranty comes in three different components:

Powertrain warranty

The powertrain warranty covers most mechanical parts of the vehicle such as the engine, transmission and differential. The powertrain means the mechanical components that produce kinetic energy. If something such as the engine breaks down, however, typically a new one will not be covered.

Corrosion/rust warranty

Just like it sounds, this would cover any rust damage your brand-new vehicle may prematurely experience.

Bumper-to-bumper warranty

The bumper-to-bumper warranty is the most comprehensive and covers everything excluding parts that experience normal “wear and tear”. 

Extended warranty

An extended warranty is one that is typically offered through the dealership as an aftermarket warranty, and will cover the vehicle for an additional time after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Not all makes and models are eligible for extended warranties, though, so be sure to check with our financial experts if this is something that is important for you buying a preowned vehicle.

Extended warranties don’t typically cover everything the original warranty does, and can be sometimes more expensive the longer you wait. Some of the types of coverages that come with extended warranties include wear and tear coverage, and seal and gasket coverage.

Types of car warranties for Palo Alto CA